Pamela Koster

Pamela Koster

Mountain States Region

Pamela Koster is a Partner in Moran & Company’s Denver office and is responsible for managing marketing assignments and client relationships in the Mountain States region.

Pam joined Moran & Company’s California office as an analyst in 1990, where she assisted on debt and equity restructures on over 5,000 apartments, and she helped start the brokerage business in 1995. In 2000, she opened the Denver office and, to date, has sold over $1 billion of properties in the Denver office alone. Prior to joining Moran & Company, she was with JMB Realty (Heitman), where she was in corporate accounting for various multifamily funds.

What impresses you most about the firm’s culture?
That it’s a very ‘team’ oriented approach. From the partner/senior management calls we have every Monday morning where each office provides an overview of what is happening in their market/region, to the staff meetings that each specific office has which allows everyone in the office to know exactly what is happening with every deal. It’s a very inclusive, collaborative effort across the board to make each transaction successful, which translates into success for each office and the platform overall.

Why is the Moran (firm, culture, ecosystem) different from other brokerage firms?
Each office is responsible for its own region. Thus, there is no internal competition for deals, and nothing adversarial between offices. We all work from a common database of investors, developers, buyers, sellers, etc. Information and data is shared freely across all of the offices. This results in a very co-operative effort among every Moran office to insure that the client’s interest comes first and foremost.

Where do good ideas come from?
From listening to both the pros and the cons before making any potential decision. And by gathering input from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Most of the time the idea is the easy part. It’s the implementation of the idea that poses the challenge!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Sending both of my children successfully off to college! One is at NYU in Tisch School of the Arts. My high school senior is currently deciding where he wants to play basketball in college.

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