Jeffrey Skipworth

Southwest Region

Jeffrey Skipworth is a Partner in the Houston office, and a licensed broker in the state of Texas. A member of the Moran team since 2006, Jeffrey’s primary focus is the expansion of Moran & Company’s brokerage platform throughout Houston and the greater south and central Texas areas. Since joining Moran & Company, Jeffrey has worked on over $2 billion of multifamily transactions, with half of that number in the greater Houston MSA.

What does it take to be successful in your role?
Brokerage can be fun and exciting, especially when events go well. True success in this industry demands adaptability and honesty. The real estate landscape can change rapidly, and the priorities of buyers and sellers can certainly differ. At times like this, I have to be calm and address all issues with fidelity and openness.

Any good broker will always maintain a positive attitude and have a plan for his client. There is no script, so I have to be knowledgeable, upfront, and able to communicate my point, otherwise deals will never close.

What impresses you about Moran’s culture?
It’s rare to be part of a group of people who really act like a team – but this is Moran. What you see is what you get. Everyone has to work hard and prove their expertise and judgment, but the rest of the team is always there. Everyone pitches in on both large and small projects. Everyone does what it takes to get the next deal listed and sold.

I started out at a Wall Street Firm dealing with stocks and bonds and I hated it because of the “every man for himself” culture. With Moran & Company, I always know that there is a bench full of people willing to step up and help further the firm and the interests of our clients.

What drives you outside work?
My family is both my hobby and my driving force. I have a wife and three kids, and I truly enjoy spending time with the whole family. My children are young but so different already and I am constantly in awe of the people they are becoming. Working at a firm like Moran has really helped in creating a work-life balance. Things are better on the home front because I love my job and work for a company I respect.

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