Mary Ann King

Mary Ann King

Mountain States Region

Mary Ann King co-founded Moran & Company’s brokerage business with Tom Moran Sr. in 1994. She marketed the first properties Moran & Company sold in Southern California, defined Moran & Company’s brand in the marketplace and helped expand its business nationwide. Mary Ann believes that her principal responsibility today is to be a rainmaker on the West Coast and to use her relationships and transaction experience to help all of Moran’s regional partners nationwide increase the success of their own regional platforms.

What is your major role?
As the Co-Chairman of Moran & Company, Mary Ann is the face of the company. She is perceived as one of the industry’s most prolific rainmakers. She has not only sold some of the biggest apartment deals in the country, but she has led the marketing of some of the most complex transactions in the apartment space. She is equally comfortable in selling existing, fully-leased properties or in raising the equity for to-be-built investments. Mary Ann has spent her life connecting capital with apartments across a full spectrum of investment styles.

As the face of the company, Mary Ann has also played leadership roles in NMHC and ULI. She served on NMHC’s Leadership Team for 10 years, chairing that organization in 2007-2008. She chaired one of ULI’s Multifamily Product Councils and served three terms as a ULI trustee. She is a frequent speaker at industry events.

What makes Moran & Company different from other brokerage firms?
Quite simply…its people!!!

Most other brokerage firms hire people with backgrounds in marketing. Moran & Company hires people that have worked in the apartment industry and can drive the value of an apartment transaction.

Our clients hire Moran & Company to do more than just print collateral materials, lead property tours and run an auction. They hire us to find the story in their asset that will drive value, tell that story to the right people at the right investment platforms and provide them with all of the support they need to get this acquisition opportunity through their investment committee process. They hire us to inspire and inform the people that have the most competitive capital for any particular apartment investment. They know that our relationships with those investors will help provide important transparency to the entire sale process. Our clients hire us because our people have the knowledge and the relationships that will result in the highest price.

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