Paul Shen

West Region

Paul Shen is a Director in Moran & Company’s California office where he is responsible for overseeing production of valuation and marketing materials.

What makes Moran different?
As a relative new-comer to the firm and as an outsider to the brokerage industry, I think I have a unique perspective on what makes Moran different. I came to Moran wanting to be a specialist — e.g. someone that has dedicated the proverbial 10,000 hours to a single practice area in order to be an expert in that field. Those 10,000 have nearly come and gone and I’m still learning—from the top down and the bottom up. I think that is what makes Moran so different – because we take a team approach and because everyone I work with has come from outside the brokerage industry, I am constantly learning a new perspective and a new approach to real estate, to marketing, to client services—it’s a constant evolution here and it shows in our work product.

What is your role, function?
You know when you’re working so hard the only thing you have time for is the next thing on the “to do” list. Then, one day, you finally have a second to close your eyes, step back and think new thoughts—that’s how the breakthroughs happen. That’s what I’d like to do for Moran & Company. The culture at Moran is like an incubator for the next great breakthrough. Nationally, we work collaboratively, we share information, clients, relationships. Locally, we typically hire outside of brokerage, so collectively we have a very diverse approach to real estate and marketing. And because there are no barriers between our brokers or our offices, Moran & Company is like this giant hive of knowledge. I think of my job as thinking of better ways to tap into and leverage our collective experiences.

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