Sean Henry

Sean Henry

Managing Partner
East Region

Sean is Managing Partner and responsible for managing marketing assignments and client relationships in Moran & Company’s Eastern Region. Sean and his team are based in Atlanta and cover assignments from Massachusetts to Florida.

Sean’s responsibilities include managing the Atlanta office, business generation, and execution on all business assignments in the Southeast. Sean’s career in commercial real estate, and specifically multifamily investments, spans more than 25 years with experience in appraisal, asset management, acquisition, disposition and brokerage. His experience on the principal side with pension fund advisory firms Lend Lease and GID laid the foundation for a very successful career on the brokerage side of the business with Apartment Realty Advisors and now Moran & Company.

Why did you choose real estate?
I have always enjoyed thinking about how physical spaces are used to bring people together for a common good. Whether looking at ancient cities or new urban developments, there are infinite ways to utilize physical spaces to bring people together. Working as a broker provides the opportunity to see what works well with some properties and spread those ideas to other existing and new developments. Bringing people together to understand the challenges and opportunities real estate transactions is what excites me most about real estate.

Describe your current role, function, and responsibilities.

Prior to working on the investment sales side of the business, I was on the principal acquisition side. It is that prior experience that influences my approach to brokerage the most. For instance, I recognize the demands on the acquisition side and so for me, it is important to focus on succinctly packaging investment opportunities with factual data to support accurate underwriting. I have found that accurately communicating the details of an investment opportunity to acquisitions officers and their prospective clients and investment committees is the best way to successfully communicate the most aggressive investment thesis and to maximize pricing for my clients. Through this thoughtful process I seek to minimize any unnecessary disruptions in the transaction which benefits all parties to the transaction.

Why did you choose Moran?
The people at Moran & Company have a different view of the investment sales business. Most are not trained sales professionals but rather experienced real estate executives from the principal side of the business. This collaborative group has a more thoughtful approach to information and the real estate business that benefits both buyers and sellers.

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